Custom Built-Ins Built-Ins

Custom built-ins are furniture pieces that are designed and built specifically for a particular space, usually for a home or office. Unlike prefabricated furniture, custom built-ins are created to fit perfectly into the available space, maximizing the use of the area while providing a unique and personalized touch.

Examples of custom built-ins include bookcases, cabinets, and entertainment centers. These pieces are typically constructed from high-quality materials such as hardwood, and can be designed to match the style and decor of the room in which they will be installed.

One of the main advantages of custom built-ins is their versatility. They can be designed to serve a variety of functions, such as storing books, displaying collectibles, or hiding electronics. They can also be customized with features such as adjustable shelving, lighting, and doors with glass inserts to create a stunning visual display.

Overall, custom built-ins provide a functional and beautiful solution for storage and organization in any space. They offer a high level of customization and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner or business owner

Pressure treated wood is a type of lumber that has been chemically treated to make it more resistant to decay, insects, and other forms of damage that can occur over time. The treatment process involves placing the wood in a large cylinder and subjecting it to high pressure, forcing a preservative solution deep into the wood fibers. The most commonly used preservative solution for pressure treated wood is chromated copper arsenate (CCA), although other preservatives such as alkaline copper quat (ACQ) and copper azole (CA) have become more popular due to concerns over the safety of CCA.